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Wednesday, August 17, 2005

Other house stuff - fun things

Some of the other things we have managed to do / get.

My sister plays piano. She has been looking for one for years. She was given this little beauty. How lucky is she!

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I have been getting immense pleasure from starting to sort out our garden. We have managed to clear the front and started to plan the layout. We have a lot of Yorkshire stone in our back garden that we will want to move into the front to create some raised beds with, trouble is, it's heavy stuff so will take a little while to shift.
In the meantime we have picked up some plants and put them in to brighten the place up. We have Crocosmia, Lychnias (Campion), French Lavendar, A blue Veronica, Budljea 'Black Knight', Astilbe, Fern, some Euonymous and a lovely big Echinacea.

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Anonymous mortgageslave said...

That piano reminds me of the one that was given to my mom when I was a kid. She was given it, but we never got it. Just as it was being delivered, right in front of our house, it fell off the truck into a million pieces. My mom cried and my dad tried hard not to think the sound was too awesome!

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